It's no secret that our parents had a HUGE impact on the person we are today. In fact, we would say they were the biggest reason for our existence in professional and personal world. Our father was a bravest man we have ever met in life. A person who gave us strength to our a wing to fly without fear and with confidence.
Our parents are the one who inspired us to serve a people with honestly. In our family, balance diet always has been a centre of good health. As we are get more focused when our father got kidney disease. It's very important to have balanced diet for overall good health. Our parents wanted us to serve people with balance meal and to educate people for balanced diet & bring back our grandmas value of food habits.

So decided to start a business where will serve food values to people.
We learned from our parents that always be honest about things no matter how brutal it might be and Sometimes the bad things can be good. We will always remember our father's words as It doesn't matter if you're getting out of debt, starting your own business, or saving money for something. You've got to learn to embrace your "fails" as hidden wins if you ever want to find success in life. After all, that's when you'll learn the most.
As we promise to be a brutal honest about product quality that we serve to people.

Healthy eating has been confused by all conflicting nutrition advice out there. An adequate diet, providing all nutrients, is needed throughout our lives to maintain physical growth and development, maintenance of normal body function, physical activity and health. The nutrients must be obtained through a judicious choice and combination of a variety of foodstuffs from different food groups. When it comes to a healthy diet, balance is the key to getting it right. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, a diet which comes from a healthy mix of carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, fat, vitamins and minerals, is ideally a 'Balanced Diet'. As our founder herself stayed outside from family for education also for work, she struggled throughout to get balanced food. It was being difficult for her to get a balanced meal on-the -go. Now days this is everyone's story, either we are short on time or we are away from our kitchen. That's where the idea for 'axia' - Worth/ Value (in Greek), came from to make nutritionally balance healthy meal on-The -Go for busy mums to boss lady, from little champions to world-record holders, mountaineers and tired office workers to our pailwaan's. As everyone is AXIOS i.e. I AM WORTHY for themselves we also think the same.


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