Sometimes the love for our family can become the best motivator to achieving wonderful things, and creating healing, incredible products.
When Jasmin K Shaikh’s father challenged her to start her own food business to share with the world the product that became a crucial part of his diet as a patient with kidney disease, she didn’t back down. And that is the story behind Axia Foods Pvt Ltd, founded by Jasmin K Shaikh, a women with the strength, purpose, and the vision of a healthier world.

Leveraging ancient nutritional wisdom & With Novel Clean food innovation technology, Axia has developed & launched world's first ever nutritionally complete ,affordable ,convenient clean labelled plant based products like Almond cheese protein bars, high protein probiotic yoghurts, cultured almond butter, Pumpkin seed Tofu/Paneer Prebiotic smoothies etc. Axia is using Supernuts, super seeds, cereals & grains for the products.
Our food production technology significantly elevates the nutritional value of plant based raw material with an increase in bioavailability of nutrients sustainably. Axia's products are dairy & soya free. Made with few, simple, real natural plant based ingredients.

Value for the money - Due to our unique innovation, technology, process, design & formulation, Axia’s all products are able to provide 45-70% of overall nutritional requirement as per RDA to every stages of life at regular cost of meal sustainably. With the unique product portfolio AXIA foods is the Pioneer in the plant based products in the world. Axia's Products are more nutritious than the rest of plant based products available globally at the cost of regular meals.
A family product - Axia's products provide sustainable nutrition for all stages of life, from providing balanced nutrition, supporting growth & development of new born & toddlers. Helping in normal growth & building bone structure of Childs & youth. Best nutritional supplements for growing muscle tissue of athletes, people who do exercise & play sports. A best healthy meal for the women who are suffering with PCOD, PCOS & provide nutrition to pregnant women for the growth & development of foetal.

The people who are looking for healthy weight management, weight loss while maintaining muscle tissue & bone structure. Also helps to maintain muscle mass.
Axia's food products have created a positive impact on the social ,economical & environmental sector. With Axia per person per day can increase water &food security by saving 11 gallons of water & 20 kgs of grain, reduce the deforestation by saving 30 sq ft forest, decrease 4.5kg of green house & CO2 gas emission.
“When it comes to plant-based and animal-based diets, food is a choice we make. If our choices negatively impact us, our surroundings and the planet, we should work on that. It’s not just about today or one meal. It’s about the future and all of the generations to come. So, with the right choices, we can not only help ourselves but also save the planet. And we have a responsibility to do this because we all live on this planet and are a part of its ecosystem. It’s up to us to make the right decisions.”